And this time the winner is…

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Readers of Mosaic & Glass voted Alison Mac Cormaic’s Flowers, Fruit and Seedcases the winner of the ‘Nature’ themed competition in Issue 2. Congratulations Alison! Here, she tells us about her piece. 

“This mosaic was part of the Per Cent for Art project (an Irish government initiative whereby 1% of the cost of publicly funded buildings can be allocated to the commissioning of an artwork) for Merlin Woods National School in Galway. The design follows the seasons from left to right. Early spring is represented by an ivy seedhead, summer by bramble flowers, autumn by acorns and fruits and finally winter with berries and holly. The mosaic is made in Mexican smalti. Each tiny piece has subtle shades and nuances, which allows for gentle shading and painterly work. I drew all the flowers, fruits and seedcases from life as they came into season. I was delighted to be selected for the project and it’s my largest mosaic to date (200cm x 85cm). I’m hoping to get the opportunity to make further works like this in the future.”


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