Artist profile: Mónica Ojeda Cerón

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In a bonus feature for the website version of Issue 4, Chilean artist Mónica Ojeda Cerón writes an introduction about her life as a mosaicist.

I have been dedicated to this beautiful art since 2015, which captivated me from the first moment I saw it. Back in 2009, I learned the basic technique of mosaic and then, in 2015, after losing my job, mosaic became my job.

I started to perfect myself in a self-taught way … searching for information on the web and imagining and experimenting with how to make certain cuts and pieces. I went wrong many times or it was difficult for me to get the materials to work, but I never got discouraged or thought about stopping.

This is how I began to manufacture and sell different types of utilitarian or decorative products such as mirrors, trays, signs, tables, etc… My products began to be liked among my friends and that is how my business began to grow. Each of the works that I carry out are to order; the client tells me what he wants and I concrete the idea in mosaic, always giving my suggestions in colours and designs. The idea is always that the client and I are happy with the result and, so far, it has been accomplished.

I also do classes in my workshop at basic and advanced levels, guiding my students in a personalised way, motivating them to let their creativity flow and to continue with this technique so that it lasts. There are many of us who create mosaic art.

The wonderful thing about mosaic is that there are infinite things that one can do. But it is a technique that requires patience and affection. I spend hours working alone in my workshop from very early in the morning. At 6am I am already working and it is not a sacrifice to get up early. On the contrary, I feel happy to be able to create, to have a workshop, to have a space that is only mine and my art and where everyone is welcome.

I hope to continue creating for many years and that my creativity continues to grow. I didn’t know I was creative or talented until I found mosaic… or the mosaic found me. I am grateful to be able to dedicate myself to this and to be able to reach many people with my art. Being able to reach different places where my work is valued and seeing the faces of my clients when they receive them fills me with emotion and excites me to continue cultivating this beautiful art.

Instagram: @maocmosaicos