Editor’s welcome: Issue 4

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Welcome to Issue 4 of Mosaic & Glass. This time, we have special features on mosaic and glass jewellery, along with a range of other features and interviews. Thank you to all of the contributors involved in putting it together for you to enjoy. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since the magazine launched. We’re forever grateful to our readers, advertisers and supporters for joining us on this journey. Thank you also to those of you who took part in our recent survey. It’s been great to take your views into account as we shape the future of the magazine. Here’s a summary of what you had to say:

  • The vast majority of you are most interested in mosaic and want to read more about mosaic art and its artists, but you’re also interested in finding out about glass art and its artists as a source of inspiration.
  • The top three most valued elements of the magazine are interviews with artists, artists’ writing and technical tips.
  • The majority of you want more technical tips in the magazine.
  • Almost all of you would be happy to pay a little more for the magazine as a result of rising production costs.  
  • Print is your favourite way to read, but the PDF and website versions are valued by those who chose those options.
  • You’d prefer longer reads even if it means fewer articles in each issue.

So we’re making the following changes starting from Issue 5:

  • We’re going to create a magazine primarily focused on mosaic art and its artists, and we’ll include one long read on glass art in each issue. We’ll also have longer, in-depth reads on mosaic and its artists.
  • The name of the magazine will stay the same, but we’ll change the strapline to show it’s going to be aimed at mosaic enthusiasts. So, in the name Mosaic & Glass, we’ll primarily be referring to mosaic in its traditional forms, along with mosaics created with glass as well as mixed media mosaics that incorporate glass elements.
  • We’ve already started to include more technical tips from the artists featured in Issue 4. You’ll see more of these in the future too.
  • Plus, we’ll publish more writing by artists about inspirations and techniques, so please get in touch if you’d like to write an article.
  • The price of a single issue will increase from £7.99 to £8.99 from Issue 5 onwards. If you subscribe, you’ll still benefit from a 10% discount. If you’ve already subscribed, you won’t need to pay extra.
  • We’ll also be switching to a triannual publishing schedule with publication dates moving to March, June and October. (If you’ve subscribed starting from Issue 4, you’ll receive issues 4-7 inclusive as part of your subscription.) 

These changes are in line with my own main passion for mosaic while also being interested in glass for mixed media mosaics and as a source of inspiration. I realise this direction may not be in line with some of our current readers’ interests, so if you’d like to cancel your subscription please just let me know and thank you very much for reading up to now. I do hope you’ll all continue with us on this journey. Finally, thank you very much to our advertisers in Issue 4. And, as always, enjoy the read.

Rhona Duffy

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