My inspirations: Elisabeth Ragon

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Pictured above: L’Être de Lumière (detail) by Elisabeth Ragon

Meet French artist Elisabeth Ragon, who shares the inspirations behind her mosaics.

By Elisabeth Ragon

I’ve always practised different mediums in plastic arts but, since 2005, mosaic has become my means of expression.

Pictured above: L’Être de Lumière (detail) by Elisabeth Ragon

It allows me to give life to the material, to lose myself in the process of creation, to dream, to share my passion…

Anchoring to everything that binds us to nature seems essential to me, we are one with other forms of life…

Things that inspire me:

La Nuit de Saint Lorenzo (detail) by Elisabeth Ragon
  • Nature, music and words.
  • Reading advice on what to do when you feel stuck/uninspired.
  • Going for a walk or being in the garden.
  • All the materials we have available for making mosaic inspire me enormously.

Doing mosaic is very fun, a great opportunity to let go and create.

Gaia by Elisabeth Ragon. Photo by Michel Joly
Gaia (detail), Elisabeth Ragon. Photo by Elisabeth Ragon

About Elisabeth Ragon
Visual artist Elisabeth Ragon moved to Paray-le-Monial in France at the end of 2015, after spending twenty-three years in Italy. It was on the other side of the Alps that she discovered mosaics, and chose to express herself by creating easel mosaics. She graduated in Paris in applied arts; after working in advertising, it was her fascination for materials that led Elisabeth to mosaics. Elisabeth Ragon likes to share her passion, so much so that she organizes courses for adults and mosaic workshops for children. In some creations, she incorporates painting into her works to give them a certain freedom. Her main source of inspiration is nature and space. She is always looking for balance in her works to give rhythm to colors and materials.