Competition Gallery: Issue 3

We think many of you must have been off enjoying the summer as we only had two entries to the competition in Issue 2 (we don’t blame you; we enjoyed a bit of downtime too!). 

The theme was ‘growth’. Voting is now open! Please cast one vote only. The artist of the piece that gets the most ‘likes’ by the closing date of 5pm (BST) on Friday, 30 September, will win £200! The pieces are published anonymously for voting. We’ll post the names of the artists after voting closes.

Cast your vote below. You’ll be able to see the current voting status after you vote – the results may change and we won’t know the final result until all votes have been cast by the closing date.

The galleries of all the competition entries for Issue 1 and Issue 2 are also available for you to enjoy.

Artist of artwork 1 said: “It’s a mosaic of a childrens drawing my son made when he was six.”

Artist of artwork 2 said: “I only started glass fusing a couple of months ago (having previously only done stained glass) so I’m still very much a beginner and have a lot to learn. I know the technical level of the other entries will be extremely high but thought I would enter anyway. When I saw that the theme was growth my immediate thought was how I as an artist have grown and how my ideas continue to develop. Through imagination, passion, reading, music, travel, nature etc. In keeping with the theme I started with the question mark and just let the piece grow freely.”