Welcome to Issue 1 (Feb – Apr 2022)

Image: Imagination by Layne Rowe. Photo by Alick Cotterill.

Editor’s welcome

Welcome to the launch issue of our new, independent magazine Mosaic & Glass. With the United Nations proclaiming 2022 as the International Year of Glass, there couldn’t be better time to embark on this exciting journey!

Our mission is to entertain, educate and inspire you by producing excellent editorial. The focus of our writing is on people – the artists, their inspirations and the stories behind their art. 

Published in Scotland, the magazine contains stories from the UK and across the world in our international community. Every issue will contain interviews, features, columns, technical and business tips, and a competition. The magazine also has a business angle, supporting professional artists along with hobbyists who might be considering a side hustle or a transition into a full-time art career. Read more…


The graffiti mosaics changing the world

Reading Time: 10 minutes

BY ANGELA YOUNGMAN Angela Youngman talks to Jim Bachor, Ememem, Helen Miles and Will Rosie about their graffiti mosaics, which are – literally – changing the world.

Mosaics are popping up in the most unlikely places – filling in a hole in the road or pavement, on a bare wall, or overlooking a cemetery. None…

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Art that heals

Reading Time: 11 minutes

WRITTEN & NARRATED BY CATHERINE ROSE In what have been two of the most difficult years globally, three glass artists are attempting to redress the balance by using their work to bring hope, renewal and peace. Catherine Rose interviews Terri Albanese, Helen Hancock and Layne Rowe.

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The artists who changed careers

Reading Time: 11 minutes

WRITTEN & NARRATED BY RHONA DUFFY Rhona Duffy talks to three professional artists who decided to change career midlife. She asks them to share the stories behind their decisions and what they’ve learned along their journeys.

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Artists embrace the world’s big issues

Reading Time: 8 minutes

BY ANGELA NEUSTATTER Angela Neustatter explores some of the artists raising awareness of the issues impacting our planet through their art, or who are trying to address them by adapting the processes they use to produce their art. 

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A Syrian artist in Turkey

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Syria-born Talal Fashtouk was forced to abandon his law degree in 2011 because of the Syrian Civil War. He fled to Turkey where he found mosaics. Matt Hanson explores his life and art.

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Creative approaches to funding

Reading Time: 5 minutes

BY RHONA DUFFY Artists are finding more and more creative ways to generate funding for their projects. Rhona Duffy takes a look at some examples and talks to finance consultant Tracey Ward to get her expert tips on making successful funding applications.

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When Helen met Carrie

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Helen Miles talks to Carrie Reichardt about the positive effect art has on herself and others, and how she uses her art to give a voice to those who might otherwise not be heard.

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Piecing us together

Reading Time: 5 minutes

WRITTEN & NARRATED BY KATE KERRIGAN Kate Kerrigan writes about her inspiring ‘Piecing us together’ project, which has taken her across the US, where the people she meets create a small section of mosaic that will eventually be joined together in one piece. To Kate’s delight, she found much more than mosaic on her journey…

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Imagination, play and art

Reading Time: 6 minutes

WRITTEN & NARRATED BY KAREN FRANCESCA Karen Francesca writes about her journey from a play-filled childhood to studying a masters in art psychotherapy. She describes how she combined her passions for art and gardening to forge a career in community and public art, which creates meaningful connections between people.

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Indian Rope Trick

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Julie Edmunds creates stunning mosaic and glass art with strong, bold colours at its heart. Her early work was in textile design, which has influenced the texture, colour and movement present in her art. Here, Julie writes about the inspiration and process behind her recently finished piece Indian Rope Trick. 

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My biggest challenge in glass

Reading Time: 5 minutes

WRITTEN & NARRATED BY ABIGAIL RUDKINS New to leaded stained glass, and used to working on smaller pieces with copper foil, Abigail initially thought completing a commission for three large windows might be out of reach. But with the support of other artists and through hours of learning, she pressed on through self-doubt to create…

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Reader’s competition – win £200!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s time to get creative! This competition is designed to inspire you to try new things. The theme is: CHANGE. This theme is just a guide and it leaves things open for you to get creative. Perhaps you’ll try new materials or look at a familiar topic in a different way? It’s up to you.

When one door opens

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Lorinda Tisdell relocated from the US to the picturesque town of Ajijic in Mexico, where she enjoys taking pictures of the brightly painted and tiled buildings and in the surrounding villages and towns. We asked her to create a selection for Mosaic & Glass readers – enjoy!