Welcome to Issue 3 (Aug – Oct 2022)

Editor’s welcome

Welcome to Issue 3 of Mosaic & Glass. Once again, we have a packed magazine of inspirational and educational stories for you to enjoy! This time, our theme is business and money. Because being an artist is considered to be such an inherently solitary pursuit, something that struck me while putting this issue together was the many stories of collaboration.

Catrin Jones, who speaks to Angela Neustatter about running a stained-glass business on page 20, started her career by setting up a cooperative with four other glass artists. She says it was a great way to start out because you can advise and critique each other, work on designs together, and build up business skills. Read more…


Small is beautiful but think big!

Reading Time: 11 minutes

WRITTEN & NARRATED BY CATHERINE ROSE Catherine Rose explores ways of innovating and growing your mosaic or glass art business. She talks to Jahday Ford, Sharon Louden and Prerana Phadnis. Catherine also narrates her feature.

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How galleries and artists benefit from a symbiotic relationship

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Christina Elia talks to gallery owners about the mutual benefits of nurturing a strong relationship and secures some insights for artists considering approaching a gallery. Christina talks to Velvet Easel gallery owner Jane Grant, Vessel Gallery founder Angel Monzon and glass artist Bethany Wood, one of the artists represented by Vessel Gallery.

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Exhibition: Putting the Pieces Back Together

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Building on its debut exhibition in 2021, Ontario Mosaic Artists showcases the work of 22 mosaic artists in its ‘Putting the Pieces Back Together’ exhibition. It features art by both internationally acclaimed and emerging artists from across Ontario. It runs from 5-30 October 2022.

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