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Issue 5 (website): Mar 2023

Welcome to Issue 5 of Mosaic & Glass. A big thank you to all the contributors involved in putting it together for you to enjoy. We’re now creating a magazine primarily focused on mosaic art and its artists, and we’ll include one long read (and sometimes a short read too) on glass art in each issue so that you can continue to get inspired by that art form too. We’ll also have longer, in-depth features on mosaic art with more writing by artists. By mosaic art, we mean mosaic in its traditional forms, along with mosaics created with glass as well as mixed media mosaics that incorporate glass elements. We also cover stories about artists working in what might be considered assemblage or collage. Plus you’ll notice lots more technical tips from the artists.

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Issue 4 (website): Nov 2022

Welcome to Issue 4 of Mosaic & Glass. With special features on jewellery and much more, here’s a taster of what you can read in Issue 4… Catherine Rose explores Symbolism in glass jewellery and talks to Alexis Berger. And Christina Elia explores the history of micro mosaic and interviews Margo Anton and Corinna Butler about their mosaic and glass jewellery. Rhona Duffy talks to Kate Butler about her meticulously detailed and painstaking work, which is a tribute to everyone who speaks up in defence of our planet. Matt Hanson finds that the art of mosaics has lived at least two lives at the heart of the nation’s proud, resilient identity. And Joanna Kessel interviews Andrea Spencer about her path and glasswork. And much more…

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Issue 3 (website): Aug-Oct 2022

Welcome to Issue 3 of Mosaic & Glass. This time, our theme is business and money. Because being an artist is considered to be such an inherently solitary pursuit, something that struck me while putting this issue together was the many stories of collaboration.

Thank you to those of you who let us know you enjoyed reading Issue 2. Many of you also entered, and voted in, the readers’ competition again – you can read about the winner inside and find out how to enter the competition in Issue 3 to be in with a chance of winning £200!

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Issue 2 (website): May – July 2022

Welcome to Issue 2 of Mosaic & Glass. It’s a pleasure to produce this magazine and bring together just some of the stories from the vibrant world of mosaic and glass. With special features on exterior mosaic and glass art in Issue 2, there’s a lot to enjoy.

Thank you to those of you who let us know you enjoyed reading Issue 1 – we’re happy to hear that it was an inspirational read and we appreciate you taking the time to get in touch…

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Image: Imagination by Layne Rowe. Photo by Alick Cotterill.

Issue 1 (website): February – April 2022

Welcome to the launch issue of our new, independent magazine Mosaic & Glass. With the United Nations proclaiming 2022 as the International Year of Glass, there couldn’t be better time to embark on this exciting journey! Our mission is to entertain, educate and inspire you by producing excellent editorial. The focus of our writing is on people – the artists, their inspirations and the stories behind their art. 

Published in Scotland, the magazine contains stories from the UK and across the world in our international community. Every issue will contain interviews, features, columns, technical and business tips, and a competition.

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