Drama, color and light in mosaic

Reading Time: 9 minutes Former professional dancer Michael Kruzich brought the skills he’d learned while dancing – discipline, repetition and a strong work ethic – with him to his mosaic practice. Working primarily in the Ravenna method, Michael creates mosaics to express and fulfil his talents. Lynn Jones asks him about his journey so far.

Talking to Birds

Reading Time: 11 minutes Helga Maribel Sanchez found her way to The Ruins Project by making three tiny filati-filled rings. And then ten more rings. She became utterly obsessed with the act of pulling filati for the little circles of The Ring Wall at The Ruins, writes Rachel Sager.

African Homestead

Reading Time: 3 minutes African Homestead hangs at Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. Created by Kenyan artist Avni Shah with help from her local community, and under the tuteledge of mosaicist Jim Anderson, it depicts an African village scene. Avni writes about its creation.

Badgers for Chesterfield

Reading Time: 3 minutes BY CORALIE TURPIN
Inspired by geology and light, Sheffield-based sculptor Coralie Turpin has created a number of public artworks across the UK. Here, she tells us about one of her latest exterior projects – a badger-themed, mosaicked sculpture for a new council housing scheme in Chesterfield. 

Creating coral in glass

Reading Time: 5 minutes BY ELENA FLEURY-ROJO
Elena Fleury-Rojo’s latest collection depicts the “juxtaposition between the weight and durability of rock with the fragility and brittleness of glass”. Here, Elena writes about her love of travel and how she was inspired to recreate coral in glass.

Piecing us together

Kate Kerrigan writes about her inspiring ‘Piecing us together’ project, which has taken her across the US, where the people she meets create a small section of mosaic that will eventually be joined together in one piece. To Kate’s delight, she found much more than mosaic on her journey – healing, connection and joy.

My biggest challenge in glass

New to leaded stained glass, and used to working on smaller pieces with copper foil, Abigail initially thought completing a commission for three large windows might be out of reach. But with the support of other artists and through hours of learning, she pressed on through self-doubt to create this beautiful piece.