About the magazine

Our mission is to entertain, educate and inspire our readers by producing excellent editorial, uncovering and sharing the stories behind mosaic and glass artists and their art. Published in Scotland, the magazine contains stories from the UK and across the world in our international community. Every issue contains interviews, features, and technical and business tips. The magazine primarily focuses on contemporary art. It also has some business angles, supporting professional artists and hobbyists who might be considering a side hustle or a transition into a full-time art career.

Important update in October 2022: Issues 1-4 have a fairly equal split of focus across mosaic and glass artists and their art. We carried out a survey during the last few weeks and the results show that the vast majority of readers are most interested in mosaic and mixed-media mosaic, and want to read more about mosaic art and its artists, but that you’re also interested in finding out about glass art and its artists as a source of inspiration. The top three most valued elements of the magazine are interviews with artists, artists’ writing and technical tips.

So, from Issue 5 onwards, which will be published in March 2023, the magazine will be primarily focused on mosaic art and its artists, with one long read on glass art in each issue. The name of the magazine will stay the same, but we’ll change the strapline to show it’s going to be aimed at mosaic enthusiasts. So, in the name Mosaic & Glass, we’ll primarily be referring to mosaic in its traditional forms, along with mosaics created with glass as well as mixed media mosaics that incorporate glass elements. We’re very excited to embark on our second year and we hope you continue with us, or join us, on this journey! Read more about the survey results here.

Our publication schedule

You can choose how you want to read the magazine

A high-quality printed magazine four times each year (this will change to three times each year in 2023). It will be a limited print run, so we advise that you pre-order to secure your copy.

A digital/page-turning PDF version of the printed magazine, which you can read on a device of your choice wherever you are in the world. Get access to the latest issue as soon as it’s published.

A fully responsive and immersive online format, which means that you can read the articles, along with extra images, videos and audio, on a device of your choice, wherever you are in the world. You can enjoy all the content from the print edition of the magazine in an easy-to-navigate online format – a similar format to what you might already be used to if you read newspaper websites. You’ll also benefit from expanded digital-only content such as extra images, videos and narrated articles. And, with the online format, you can also translate the articles into your preferred language using the Google Translate function. Although Google Translate isn’t 100% perfect for translations, we make sure our writing is clear and simple (because that’s the way we like to do things anyway!) so that it maximises the chances of a more accurate translation. Get access to the latest issue as soon as it’s published.

Our contributors

Our code of ethics

  • We commit to getting our facts right. We strive for accuracy and verify facts using reliable sources.
  • We are inclusive. We include a variety of opinions from artists and hobbyists, along with other people who work within wider industry that integrates with mosaic and glass art.
  • We are accountable. If we make a mistake, we put it right as soon as possible and make an apology if necessary.
  • We act with empathy. We’re aware of the potential impact of writing on other people’s lives. 
  • We produce original content.

Advertising & sponsorship

We welcome advertising and sponsorship, which helps us cover our operating costs and pay journalists and other experts to create a high-quality magazine for you. We’ll only ever accept advertisers and sponsors with products or services that are relevant for our readers.