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Belgian mosaicist Mieke Ceusters set out to answer the question ‘What would the Romans have created today?’ in her series Roman with a Twist. Rhona Duffy talks to Mieke to find out more.

Matt Hanson chronicles the history of the mosaics at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, which was originally built as a Christian basilica nearly 1,500 years ago and is currently a mosque.

Lawrence Payne shares the practical value of Roman mosaic rules and principles, and explains why, even if you decide not to follow them, understanding them is a must for all mosaicists.

Rhona Duffy catches up with Marian Shapiro ahead of her third solo exhibition opening in Springwood, New South Wales, and with Cleo Mussi as her exhibition Botanicals opens in Glasgow.

Anabella Wewer writes about the essence of Kelley Knickerbocker’s mosaic making, which she describes as complex simplicity that tells stories and challenges preconceptions.

Blacksmith Katie Surridge recently did a mosaic course at the London School of Mosaic and she tells Rhona Duffy how she’s experimenting by infusing these ancient techniques with a contemporary outlook.

Catherine Rose talks to glass art historian Justine Hopkins about glass innovation over the last century and the contemporary glass artists pushing boundaries today. 

And Oliver Budd has the last word, sharing the dos and don’ts of running mosaic classes, the wisdom he’s gleaned from his forty years of experience.

Plus loads of great technical tips direct from the artists!

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One to watch: Suzanne Garben

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Suzanne Garben, a graduate of the London School of Mosaic’s Diploma, believes that handmade is the ascendant aesthetic. Here, Rhona Duffy asks her about her path to mosaic, the benefits of her studies, and the projects she’s been involved in, including the London Bridge Project, which is also featured in this issue.

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Do Not Go Gentle

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Jane Wright shares the inspirations and techniques behind her piece Do Not Go Gently, which she created to help her deal with the loss of her best friend of over fifty years.

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Indian Rope Trick

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Julie Edmunds creates stunning mosaic and glass art with strong, bold colours at its heart. Her early work was in textile design, which has influenced the texture, colour and movement present in her art. Here, Julie writes about the inspiration and process behind her recently finished piece Indian Rope Trick. 

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Reading Time: 8 minutes

Virginia-based Bonnie Fitzgerald has been dedicated to creating and teaching mosaics since the mid 2000s. The concept of ‘wanderlust’ perfectly describes her artistic journey and she writes about it all here.

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African Homestead

Reading Time: 3 minutes

African Homestead hangs at Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. Created by Kenyan artist Avni Shah with help from her local community, and under the tuteledge of mosaicist Jim Anderson, it depicts an African village scene. Avni writes about its creation.

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Imagination, play and art

Reading Time: 6 minutes

WRITTEN & NARRATED BY KAREN FRANCESCA Karen Francesca writes about her journey from a play-filled childhood to studying a masters in art psychotherapy. She describes how she combined her passions for art and gardening to forge a career in community and public art, which creates meaningful connections between people.

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