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Issue 5 was published on 10 March. Inside, Dino Maccini tells Anabella Wewer about how he has used mosaic to reinvent his life. Rachel Sager writes about Helga Maribel Sanchez’s contributions to the Ruins Project. Working primarily in the Ravenna method, Michael Kruzich creates mosaics to express and fulfil his talents – Lynn Jones explores. Avni Shah writes about her mosaic African Homestead, which hangs at Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi. The concept of ‘wanderlust’ perfectly describes Bonnie Fitzgerald’s artistic journey and she writes about it all. And Oliver Budd shares his wisdom on keeping your clients satisfied and collaborating with other artists.

For our long read on glass, Catherine Rose meets Jo Downs and Cathryn Shilling, two experts on glass fusion. In a spotlight on Dee Ruff, read about her inspirations, journey and more. Jen French has recently completed the London School of Mosaic’s diploma course – she tells us about her studies and what’s coming next. And Tracey Cartledge and Aleta Doran, who organised the Constellations exhibition for the British Association for Modern Mosaic last year, share what they learned along the way.

Matt Hanson delves further into Ukraine’s mosaic art history in the second of his two-part feature. Rhona Duffy talks to Svetlana Kondakova about her mosaics for Burham’s sea wall, to Australian mosaicist Jaky Pinnock, for whom creating mosaics is like meditation in motion, and to Valerie McGarry about her mosaic journey, influences, techniques and more. Rhona also asks Anabella Wewer about how she finds the right balance between her work, travelling and mosaic.

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Combining stone and mosaic to create unique art

Reading Time: 5 minutes Much of Irish artist Sunny Wieler’s work is influenced by his love for Ireland’s landscape and his passion for combining stonework and mosaics. Here, Rhona Duffy catches up with him about his work and asks him to share some technical tips for our readers.

One to watch: Meet Victoria Diggle

Reading Time: 4 minutes Victoria Diggle’s love of mosaic goes back many years, but it was only in 2021 that she was able to devote more time to it and study for a year-long diploma at the London School of Mosaic. Victoria has also recently taken over Mosaic Workshop (the formerly London-based supplier) and is running online sales from her home in Bedfordshire.



PROCESS/DRIVEN: Two glass exhibitions open in March (UK)

Reading Time: 8 minutes A new book and exhibition, both set to launch in March, open a window on life as a glass artist in the UK. In celebration of Catherine Dunstan’s new book – Creative and Professional Development for Glass Artists – the PROCESS exhibition will simultaneously launch at Crystal Mile Contemporary, Stourbridge, owned by Blowfish Glass founder Bethany Wood. Read a conversation between Catherine and Bethany to find out more…

Catherine Dunstan / “I’m broken but I’m flourishing”

Reading Time: 7 minutes Social commentary, personal expression and technical risk-taking entwine to forge a striking new way with glass. Catherine Dunstan’s relationship with glass has been an intuitive journey developed through a love of teaching and a desire to experiment, finds Ursula May.

How galleries and artists benefit from a symbiotic relationship

Reading Time: 9 minutes Christina Elia talks to gallery owners about the mutual benefits of nurturing a strong relationship and secures some insights for artists considering approaching a gallery. Christina talks to Velvet Easel gallery owner Jane Grant, Vessel Gallery founder Angel Monzon and glass artist Bethany Wood, one of the artists represented by Vessel Gallery.