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“I received my copy of Issue 7 a couple of days ago. A beautiful issue. I particularly enjoyed the articles about Cleo Mussi and Justine Hopkins, and the many technical tips.”

— Wilma, USA

“I just received my printed Issue 7 yesterday and I absolutely LOVE IT! I LOVE when I check the mail and my magazine is there!  And I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you do – the work you do and the messages of the artists and the magazine as a whole are phenomenal and such an encouragement.  And the sharing of the beauty of mosaics and the many different ways the artists choose to express their creativity in this medium is fantastic! Once again, thank you, my friend.”

— Mary, USA

“All of your hard work for Issue 7 certainly shows. It’s wonderful! I received my printed copy and it’s also a gorgeous magazine to look at. It is so nice to learn more about the personal journeys of artists I’ve known and long admired, such as Kelley and Marian. Also, the article you wrote about Mieke was great. Her mosaics are truly inspiring. Anyway, I just had to tell you what a fabulous issue it is. Congratulations!”

— Jane, USA

“I am in Brisbane, Australia, fairly new to mosaics. Since then I have connected with a number of talented and generous local mosaicists, so your beautiful magazine enriches my journey greatly. Thank you!”

— Bronwyn, Australia

“I look forward to reading all the issues! Thank you for all your work.”

— Lenni, USA

“Love the publication! Thank you for the beautiful work you’re doing.”

— Lisa, USA

“It’s a real treasure, which will become an important archive of contemporary mosaic and glass for future generations. Folks will be clamouring to hunt for copies down the line.”

— Caroline, UK

“It’s a brilliant magazine, Rhona. Well done to you and your team for producing it. I appreciate it so much! You deserve our appreciation for the delight the magazine brings.”

— Wendy, Australia

“Your magazine is going from strength to strength. It’s a fantastic addition to the mosaic and glass world.”

— Alison, Ireland

“Thank you for an amazing and helpful publication.”

— Christine, Canada

“I love this magazine! Here are a few things I love about it: it showcases artists from all over the world; the technical tips and spotlights, such as Jaky Pinnock’s demonstration of before/ after grouting and tinted grout; the discussion of andamento, a unique quality of mosaic art, by different artists; and finding out about cool projects, such as Rachel Sager’s The Ruins.”

— Tony, USA

“Issue 6 is awesome!  Congratulations on putting together a dynamic publication with great interviews and photos.  I look forward to every issue.”

— Sarah, USA

” Stellar. The effort required to produce this work of art, a collective of artists, visions and inspiration, it itself is the work of an artist. Thank you and to all of the contributors to each issue.”

— Simone, USA

 “I am so impressed with the quality of the entire production. So many interesting and relevant articles, I shall be reading for weeks! I am a hobbyist kiln glass and mosaic maker and these magazines are truly inspiring.”

— Sue, Australia

“You are doing a very good job with the magazine! Thank you!”

— Rana, UK

“I just got my order of three of your last magazines. I am in the US. Florida. And I love them! Nothing has appealed to me like glass mosaic; it is just SO very beautiful.”

— Melissa, USA

“I’m loving my first copy of Mosaic & Glass magazine and was delighted to find you have a competition open to everyone. Your magazine inspired me to try something different – always good to push the old creative brain cells!”

— Amanda, England

“I just received issue 5, and the quality of the magazine improves each time. Thank you so much for taking on this valuable work!”

— Dawn, USA

“I absolutely love reading Mosaic & Glass and learning all about other artists’ work. I so appreciate all that you do to promote the mosaic art world.”

— Stannye, USA

“I love the magazine. It’s really slick, informative and well written. A real treat.”

— Anne, England

“Thank you! I love your magazine!”

— Linda, USA

“The magazine is beautiful, I enjoy it very much. I guess the only thing I wish there was more of are process photos and tutorials, as I’m learning how to work with tile and glass and I love to see the artists’ process.” (Editor note: Thanks Phyllis. We’ve taken this feedback on board and will do this in 2023.)

— Phyllis, USA

“Absolutely loving your magazine, thank you so much for creating it.”

— Jane, England

“I am finally moving forward after the untimely death of my husband and reading through the magazine got my creative juices flowing again!  Cudos to Mosaic & Glass magazine!”

— Mary, USA

“I’m really looking forward to curling up with a cuppa and Issues 3 and 4. I loved reading Issue 2;  it was so good to read about artists I already follow on Instagram, such as Maud Milton and Helen Nock, and to be inspired by so many others.  It was also great to tick off ‘Mosaics by Gaudi in Barcelona’ from the bucket list destinations (after visiting at the end of September) and dream of visiting the others!”

— Lesley, UK

“I’ve been sharing copies of the Mosaic & Glass magazine with my extended family members and they are really impressed. It’s a work of art in itself!”

— Dee, USA

“I’m already putting to use an idea that came from the first edition. Well done. It’s a great read.”

— Rosemary, France

“Issue number one was amazing! I enjoyed it and, as a mosaicist beginner, I learned a lot!”

— Milva, Spain

“A big thank you for bringing Mosaic & Glass into the world.  I love its content, energy and I’m finding out about artists in the mosaic/glass world that I’d not heard of.”

— Kate, Australia

“I’ve found previous issues of the magazine are rich with mosaic stories from all over the place. In fact, between the stories and the pictures it’s become a real feast for any mosaicist given there are so few publications that cover the topic! It’s filled a real need for me. I have nothing but heartfelt gratitude that you brought this publication together for us.”

— Wendy, Australia

“The magazine is jam-packed with great info! It is so exciting to see a new publication in the market now that the others dedicated to mosaic have stopped publishing. Social networks are great to know what’s happening, but there’s nothing like in-depth articles!”

— Anabella, USA

“I received my summer issue of Mosaic & Glass several weeks ago and have been savoring the content. It is so wonderful actually have a physical publication. I keep re-looking at pictures and re-reading articles. You have done a terrific job with the publication. I initially subscribed because I wanted to read the article about Pam Givens, I have been treated to so much more!”

— Bonnie, USA

“Have you subscribed to Mosaic & Glass Magazine yet? I finally got issue no. 1 in my hot little hands and hooooo boy this is a top-notch publication! Second issue drops soon. Get it!”

— Julie, Canada

“The magazine looks great, lots of really great content there. My article looks great too. Congratulations on another great issue.”

— Sunny, Ireland

“Thanks for changing my address. I do not want to miss a single copy of the beautiful magazine!”

— Alison, USA

“I received the magazine and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you very much for such amazing magazine for all mosaicists out there to read something new and get the inspiration! THANK YOU!”

— Linda, Netherlands

“Oh my goodness this magazine is perfection. There has been a huge void in this type of magazine in the mosaic/glass community and for people like me who love print versions and great articles about all kinds of different artists (not just the artists winning awards) who are just as amazing and just don’t get the recognition they deserve. I so appreciate the idea that I can relate better and see artists like me in a magazine.”

— Anne Marie, USA

“I’m thrilled to have the last word in the first issue with my little bit of writing titled ‘Hang Your Mistakes on The Wall’. Look it up and order a copy. This is one of those publications that is meant for nestling in a cozy chair to be inspired by all the ways mosaic can become art. Full of wonderful, in-depth articles about artists doing their things.”

— Rachel, USA

“I recognized many artist names in the first issue, and really enjoyed reading a bit more about them and their creative drives and processes. I was also very moved by the stories of artists Michael Rakowitz and Talal Fashtouk. Keep it coming!”

— Pippa, Canada

“I am a beginner really, less than two years’ experience and barely four pieces finished. But your magazine is simply superb. I already knew part of the artists you bring to us in the publication. But there is much more in there. Especially about tips, techniques and suppliers. Ah!! The paper you use is perfect… Your magazine is particularly useful in countries like Spain where it is very difficult to find mosaic schools, not to mention good suppliers. I buy everything abroad.

— Manolo, Spain

“Such a treat to read a visually interesting magazine and diverse articles.”

— Emily, England

“I love that there are so many contributors. Each article has a very distinctive approach. Great to read, whether you are a creative or not, just inspiring and interesting stories.”

— Anne, England

“It has arrived!!!! Delighted to have received this wonderful edition.”

— Judi, Canada

“What an achievement. This looks phenomenal. I am so proud to be included in this first issue. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to see where you go with all this. So special.”

— Helen, Ireland

“I really enjoyed reading the magazine and am looking forward to the next issue. You have done a fab job.”

— Julie, England

“Oh my gosh! Your Issue 1 is magnificent…beyond words! Thank you! Congratulations! Your vision has come to fruition and you should be so proud. I feel incredibly honored, and I am so grateful to be a part of this publication. Thank you! The publication is stunning and does a remarkable job with telling the stories of artists – and I can’t wait to share it with others.”

— Terri, USA

“I read my copy of Mosaic and Glass magazine from cover to cover today. What a feast for a mosaic lover and creative! So much to love in there.”

— Barb, Australia

“Thanks so much for the magazine, excellent quality! And fascinating articles.”

— Oliver, England

“I am more of an analogue person, so I felt very comfortable seeing the PDF. Especially it makes it easy to flip and grasp the layou and amount of each article just like a printed magazine. Some of the web articles have recordings! That is great for artists to listen to while they are working or for elderly people or people with eyesight issues, too. I am very happy to see what you have created from a scratch! Congratulations to your team and readers including me.”

— Aya, USA

“I received my magazine today and love everything about it – even the smell of it (down with digital!).”

— John, USA

“Loving the new magazine, page after page of wonderful images and commentary. Very inspiring!”

— Corrina, England

“I want to compliment you on a wonderful project.  The timing is wonderful with all that is happening in the mosaic and glass world.”

— Pam, USA

“I just got my mag. What a lovely, interesting issue.”

— Angela, UK

“I love this magazine!”

— Sandra Shatuck, USA

“Really loving the magazine – nice to have something to sit and physically read at any opportunity. Looking forward to Issue 2.”

— Shonah, Scotland

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. It’s a fabulous magazine, full of information and articles that anyone interested in art would enjoy. I am interested to hear about the work of others and how different we all are, truly inspirational. Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your views on the magazine. To know it’s inspiring to you means the world! Thank you for reading! Rhona

  2. Stellar. The effort required to produce this work of art, a collective of artists, visions and inspiration, is itself the work of an artist. Thank you, Rhona and all of the editors/contributors to each issue.

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