A thousand streams

Reading Time: 9 minutes Pictured above: Some of the volunteers: Bridget Kelly, Jose Nicolson, Pip Rowlandson, Sophie Mack-Smith, Daljit Rai, Lou Dossett, Suzanne Garben, Anne Tyson, Gabriele Trinczek and Judith Perle All photos by Corin Ashleigh Brown Founder of the London School of Mosaic (LSoM) David Tootill long believed there was an opportunity to install a significant piece ofContinue reading “A thousand streams”

Drama, color and light in mosaic

Reading Time: 9 minutes Former professional dancer Michael Kruzich brought the skills he’d learned while dancing – discipline, repetition and a strong work ethic – with him to his mosaic practice. Working primarily in the Ravenna method, Michael creates mosaics to express and fulfil his talents. Lynn Jones asks him about his journey so far.

New mosaic adorns Burnham’s seawall

Reading Time: 9 minutes After reaching the shortlist of applicants to enhance Burham-on-Sea’s seawall, Edinburgh-based Russian artist Svetlana Kondakova Muir won the final stage of a public vote – and, along with it, the commission. Rhona Duffy asks Svetlana about this project and talks to her about her other mosaic work too.

The grammar of mosaic

Reading Time: 11 minutes Venezuela-born mosaicist Anabella Wewer has recently embraced the life of a nomad, working from wherever she is in the world, drawing inspiration from different cultures and geographies. Rhona Duffy talks to Anabella about her travels and how she finds the right balance between her work as a graphic designer, travelling and mosaic.

Revitalizing Ukraine’s mosaic art history (part 2)

Reading Time: 9 minutes At the end of November 2022, Zhanna Kadyrova, one of Ukraine’s leading contemporary artists, prepared to enter the eye of the storm as she traveled home to Kyiv. In a shelled landscape, void of utilities in the frigid weather, she reached for her phone. The call was about her art, particularly a project that she started in 2013 called Monumental Propaganda, writes Matt Hanson.

PROCESS/DRIVEN: Two glass exhibitions open in March (UK)

Reading Time: 8 minutes A new book and exhibition, both set to launch in March, open a window on life as a glass artist in the UK. In celebration of Catherine Dunstan’s new book – Creative and Professional Development for Glass Artists – the PROCESS exhibition will simultaneously launch at Crystal Mile Contemporary, Stourbridge, owned by Blowfish Glass founder Bethany Wood. Read a conversation between Catherine and Bethany to find out more…

Meditation in motion

Reading Time: 10 minutes For Australian mosaicist Jaky Pinnock, creating mosaics is like meditation in motion. She uses distinctive flow lines and vibrant glass to depict wildlife and oceanic themes in her mosaics. Here, Rhona Duffy catches up with her to find out about her techniques, inspiration and plans for the future.

Talking to Birds

Reading Time: 11 minutes Helga Maribel Sanchez found her way to The Ruins Project by making three tiny filati-filled rings. And then ten more rings. She became utterly obsessed with the act of pulling filati for the little circles of The Ring Wall at The Ruins, writes Rachel Sager.