Badgers for Chesterfield

Reading Time: 3 minutes BY CORALIE TURPIN
Inspired by geology and light, Sheffield-based sculptor Coralie Turpin has created a number of public artworks across the UK. Here, she tells us about one of her latest exterior projects – a badger-themed, mosaicked sculpture for a new council housing scheme in Chesterfield. 

Master of light

Reading Time: 9 minutes BY CATHERINE ROSE
Alexander Beleschenko believes that architectural glass is a “positive notation in the urban environment”. Catherine Rose talks to him about his love of large-scale architectural glass projects and explores some of the techniques he employs in his contemporary art practice.

The meditative mosaicist abstracting a traditional craft

Edinburgh-based Joanna Kessel has been recently awarded the Visual Arts Scotland Inches Carr Creative Development Award 2022, which will support a research project that will enable Joanna to develop new work. Rebecca Ann Hughes caught up with Joanna to find out about the ethos and inspirations underlying her art practice.

Creating coral in glass

Reading Time: 5 minutes BY ELENA FLEURY-ROJO
Elena Fleury-Rojo’s latest collection depicts the “juxtaposition between the weight and durability of rock with the fragility and brittleness of glass”. Here, Elena writes about her love of travel and how she was inspired to recreate coral in glass.