Meditation in motion

Reading Time: 10 minutes For Australian mosaicist Jaky Pinnock, creating mosaics is like meditation in motion. She uses distinctive flow lines and vibrant glass to depict wildlife and oceanic themes in her mosaics. Here, Rhona Duffy catches up with her to find out about her techniques, inspiration and plans for the future.

Talking to Birds

Reading Time: 11 minutes Helga Maribel Sanchez found her way to The Ruins Project by making three tiny filati-filled rings. And then ten more rings. She became utterly obsessed with the act of pulling filati for the little circles of The Ring Wall at The Ruins, writes Rachel Sager.

African Homestead

Reading Time: 3 minutes African Homestead hangs at Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. Created by Kenyan artist Avni Shah with help from her local community, and under the tuteledge of mosaicist Jim Anderson, it depicts an African village scene. Avni writes about its creation.

Fabulous fusion

Reading Time: 13 minutes Fused glass is the heat bonding of separate pieces of glass in a kiln – a technique believed to be over 4,000 years old. More accessible than hot glass, there are hundreds of ways an artist can create diverse pieces using this method. Small wonder that it has become so popular. Catherine Rose meets two experts. (This article is also narrated by Catherine.)

Hanging by a Thread exhibitions underway: Mosaics for Afghan women

Reading Time: 6 minutes Exhibitions as part of the Hanging by a Thread project are taking place across the world. The project aims to raise awareness of the plight of Afghan women and girls, and involves over 1,200 experienced and amateur mosaic artists from 46 countries. Each artist has made a small segment of glass mosaic, which is being joined togetherContinue reading “Hanging by a Thread exhibitions underway: Mosaics for Afghan women”

Symbolism in glass jewellery

Symbolism has always been integral to human culture. Often much more than just a pretty trinket, jewellery can inform us about the wearer, whether it be through a wedding ring or a good luck talisman, writes Catherine Rose who also narrates her feature.

Seven questions for … Dianne & Kala

Reading Time: 9 minutes BY RHONA DUFFY
Dianne and Houcine Chikhaoui create distinctive mosaics using their ‘D&H’ realism technique. They first established a friendship among other mosaic artists on social media in 2014 and discovered they had many things in common. Rhona Duffy asks them about their journey, mosaic technique and working together.

One to watch: Meet Victoria Diggle

Reading Time: 4 minutes Victoria Diggle’s love of mosaic goes back many years, but it was only in 2021 that she was able to devote more time to it and study for a year-long diploma at the London School of Mosaic. Victoria has also recently taken over Mosaic Workshop (the formerly London-based supplier) and is running online sales from her home in Bedfordshire.

The mosaic school teaching resistance and innovation for a century 

For 100 years, the Mosaic School of Friuli has taught its students how to continue creating an art that originated millennia ago. Rebecca Ann Hughes talks to the school and its alumni about how the institution is working to adapt and evolve in the modern world. Rebecca also narrates the feature.